Qualify for ICVS

To qualify for the ICVS

The applicant – at a minimum – must:

1. Have a college degree and hold a valid qualification to practice public accounting;

2. Alternatively, hold a business degree from an accredited university, or have been granted a recognized finance-related credential (such as the CFA, CMA, CWA or CGA), and can demonstrate substantial experience in investment or business valuation.
For this purpose, demonstration of “substantial” experience means:

a. Two or more years full-time equivalent experience in a valuation related disciplines; or,

b. Having performed ten or more valuations in which the applicant’s role was significant enough to be referenced in a valuation report; or,c. Being able to demonstrate substantial knowledge of business valuation concepts, be published on the subject, completed graduate work in the field, or obtained a designation from another recognized business valuation accrediting organization.

3. Be a member in good standing of an IACVS Charter (at or prior to taking the ICVS examination);

4. While it is not required, IACVS strongly recommends completion of a five-day training program and prescribed course of study;

5. Submit three personal and three business references;

6. Successfully complete a comprehensive examination on valuation concepts. Part I is five-hours of (Online Computer based ) multiple choice questions designed to test participants on valuation theory and concepts.   Part II is the demonstration of experience and can be met in a number of ways:

  • – A three-hour case study (provided by IACVS) exam. The questions test best practices in the performance of a valuation; or
  • – Submit an actual sanitized (so as to protect your and your client’s identities) valuation report prepared in the last twelve months; or
  • – Prepare a valuation report based on a case study provided by IACVS
  • The exam sections are administered by the Charter by using an independent exam proctor approved by IACVS.

Maintaining ICVS Designation

To Maintain the ICVS Designation a candidate must

1. Members are required to remain an active member by renewing their membership on an annual basis.

2. Members attest annually to (continued) ethical conduct, meeting our continuing professional education requirements.

3. ICVS designees are required to obtain 36 hours of appropriate professional education in each three-year period, beginning with the first full calendar year after their designation was received. IACVS does not define specific courses as they will depend on local conditions. In general any course or conference with business valuation, litigation, appraisal, fraud, detection or deterrence, or forensic accounting in its title would clearly comply (IACVS reserves the right to request more specific evidence to ensure actual compliance).

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