IFA, The Institute for Financial Analysts is a firm specialized in training courses for professional designations, and seminars for business decision makers. IFA is an accredited training provider and offers preparatory courses for the Junior Investment Analyst (JIA®), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), Financial Risk Manager (FRM®), International Certified Valuation Analyst Specialist (ICVS®), Certified Advanced Financial Modeler (CAFM®), Certified Financial Statement Analyst (CFSA®), Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ), Financial Modeling and the International Certificate in Banking Risk and Regulation (ICBRR). The review courses are offered in Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, and Cairo and the students are recording remarkable pass rates in all certificates.

IFA offers seminars covering a wide range of subjects including Financial Modeling, Private Banking, Corporate Restructuring, Credit Risk Measurement and Management, Market Risk Measurement and Management and Operational Risk Measurement and Management, Leadership and Strategy, Change Management, etc.

The members of our team have given workshops on these topics to leading companies in the region such as National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), Gulf Bank, Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC), Aramex, Saudi Arabian British Bank (SABB), Qatar National Bank (QNB), Mubadala, Abu Dhabi Investment Council, Al Qudra Holding, among others.

IFA is Schweser Kaplan Regional Exclusive Distributor in the Middle East.


The International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists (IACVS) was founded in 2000 to provide worldwide support to professionals who perform either valuations or are engaged in fraud deterrence. IACVS is the first and only international association to provide such support.

IACVS’s objective is to transfer “best practices” in both fields of endeavor. In the valuation field, IACVS promotes the uniform application of valuation theory, approaches, methods and models throughout the world. In the field of fraud deterrence and forensic accounting, IACVS encourages the development and dissemination of consistent and demonstrable systems and techniques for both detection and prevention of fraud.

This mission is accomplished through the establishment and support of national associations known as Charter Members. The Charter Members represent separate regions or countries, each with practitioner/members who provide services to their valuation and fraud prevention communities.

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IACVS requires each of the Charter Members to adopt professional standards that will provide guidance to the Associate Members. In addition to following the laws and regulations adopted by each country, Associate Members are expected to follow basic and generic standards in all professional activities. By agreement with IACVS, each Charter Member adopts the IACVS Proposed Standards, or creates similar standards to govern the professional activities of its Associate Members.

In addition, IACVS encourages the adoption of the professional standards issued by the International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC) for the valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property. The standards of the IVSC, in conjunction with the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB-US) are required for financial reporting in most countries of the world.


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