IACVS Rules & Regulations:

After a long discussion with IACVS headquarters and the board of governance, IACVS Middle East has been allowed to extend the reactivation period for inactive members to renew their ICVS membership.

Inactive members who haven’t renewed their membership for the past three years will be required to pay the activation and membership fee for the following year. Inactive members who haven’t renewed their membership for more than three years will be obliged to enroll in a four-day workshop in which the members will be presented with all the new valuation criteria. Once enrollment is made, their membership will be automatically renewed.

All candidates who haven’t renewed their membership by end of year will be placed as an inactive member, and thus will not be allowed to use the ICVS title.

We are requested by IACVS headquarters to place all active and inactive members on our website.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

IACVS Middle East List of Members

Associate (Individual) Membership:

Associate Membership is available through a local charter. Your regular resident country will be the dominating factor for deciding which charter your membership resides.

Membership Type


Performs valuation or fraud engagements for a fee (you are a practitioner even if you only occasionally or work part time)

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