IACVS’s credential ICVS is recognized worldwide.  The credential provides credentialed members more credibility in professional engagements.

Associate Members are able to draw on the respective and complementary strengths of other professional members as well as Charters Members.  IACVS offers individuals and organizations a means of enhancing opportunities in the valuation and fraud deterrence arenas.

IACVS and its Charters organize member activities regularly as well as offering continuing training and education opportunities locally. Problems proposed by other members involving new theories and developing practices of business valuation and fraud deterrence are discussed and solved in these activities. The relationship between members and our institutional members is thus enhanced.

Members can learn the required professional knowledge and skills to stay current with the latest changes in business valuation and fraud deterrence through our website, newsletter, seminars, conferences and symposiums.

Members can develop and extend their services to other regions and countries though IACVS.

Valuation referral services and networking with other credentialed members is available.  This often aids or assists in providing quotes to prospective clients seeking professional services and is facilitated through our online membership directory.

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